6 cartoons about business meetings

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Corruption, embezzlement, back stabbing, nepotism; it’s all going on in corporate boardrooms all over the world. And most of it involves the sneaky manipulation of Joe Public; getting him to buy crap that he doesn’t really need. Still, the wheels of the economy have to keep turning, even if it means the slow poisoning of earth and the human race in the process. (See my ecological cartoons from my first book ‘Isn’t Progress Wonderful?’, elsewhere on my website.

It is in business meetings that futures of companies, people, business strategies and whole economies are decided. But why do we have so many more meetings that in the past? These days we have meetings about meetings. Many people no longer do any real work, they just go from one meeting to another all day. On their business cards, rather than CEO, CFO marketing manager or data analyst, it should say ‘meeter.’ You have to ask the question, if everyone in a corporation is buzzing around from one meeting to another, who is actually doing the real work? That is probably done by some old guy in the basement.

Most of these business cartoons were published in my second book, ‘Cashtoons’, published in the UK in 1992. The printed book is not longer available. However, an updated, digital version of the book is available on Amazon.

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