About me


I was born in New Zealand in 1962 and studied graphic design in Auckland before starting work in 1984 at the Auckland Star newspaper. There, I was editorial artist, illustrator and apprentice cartoonist. I moved to France in 1986 with my French wife and then to London in 1988, where I have lived up until now. Currently, I live part time in Krakow, Poland, with my Polish wife.

In 1987 my first cartoon was published in the UK – on the front cover of the esteemed Punch magazine. In 1991 my first book, “Isn’t Progress Wonderful?” was published in the UK. The book’s subject was the environment. IPW was subsequently published in five other countries: USA, Germany, Italy, Spain and Denmark.

I have also had further books published. These include:
• “Nature – Man’s Best friend” (Denmark only). A second book of eco cartoons. Published 1996.
• “Cashtoons” A book satirizing the world of money and big business. Published 1992.

I have had many cartoons published in Punch, Private Eye, The Spectator and Playboy USA, amongst other magazines. My cartoons have also graced many greetings cards, including those published by Hallmark and John Sands in Australia, and NobleWorks in USA. My main thing is the single-frame gag cartoon. My primary cartoon influences are Saul Steinberg and Tomi Ungerer.